Last episode! Ep. 9.

  Change of plans, no sailing trip around the world anymore. Instead, we’ll stay in Greece a little bit longer and we’ll sell our boat this summer. Why? Check our last episode. A recap of the last few months, 1,5 year and our future plans. We are Floris and Chantal, met nearly 3 years ago […]

Storm at sea. Ep. 8

During our time in Greece we experience a lot of wind, we even get to meet the Mediterranean hurricane of 2018, a.k.a. medicane Zorbas. There’s no place in a harbour so we have to survive at open sea. My friend Melissa is visiting me and stand up paddling suddenly seems to be a challenge. We […]

Passing the Corinth Canal. Ep. 7

We have to go to an island hospital and that’s just slightly different than we’re used to. Also we are going to pass the Corinth Canal, this canal connects the Saronic Gulf with the Aegean Sea.  Kitesurfing in Greece, at Cape Drepano, go or no go? And Floris is a bit clumsy; falling into the […]

Me, myself and I. Ep. 6

Each of us being alone on the catamaran in Sicily. Storms at our anchorage. And solo sailing from Sicily to Greece. It had been quite a week!

I’m not pretty, I’m stupid. Ep. 5

While we’re doing this sailing trip around the world, we both work for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. And therefor we have to leave Coffee&Coconuts sometimes for a few days. This time Jildert and Marlous are boatsitting. They’ll get teased by jellyfishes as well. After that Floris and I will sail from Ibiza to Sardinia. How […]

Flawless Ibiza. Ep. 4

At Mallorca we’ll try to wakeboard with a 9.9pk dinghy and one of our friends gets stung by a jellyfish. While we’re at Ibiza Floris has a small accident with the dinghy, but despite all, sings us a special pancake song!

From Faro to Ibiza. Afl. 3

From Faro we’ll pass the Strait of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea. Finally comfy sea water temperatures! We will practice one of the Man Overboard procedures with a rope and we’ll do some home (uh -boat) improvement on the Saturday afternoon. Also we have to cope with some rough sea and seasickness again. But for […]

Olá Portugal! Afl.2

Arrivé in Porto! After 10 days at sea. We are going to discover the kitesurfspot next to the marina of Porto and we’ll discover the city together with our friends.. After that we’ll continue our trip to Lisbon. And… a little tour on Coffee&Coconuts! Here you can see our home, a Lagoon39 from the inside […]

Doei Volendam! Afl. 1

Finally, we are off for 12 days! So let’s set our sails and go to Porto! We’ll cross the Channel between England and the Netherlands/Belgium/France, the strait of Dover. Pass the Channel Islands, where we have some rough waters and then cross the Bay of Biscay. Most things are new to us, and just one […]