We are Floris and Chantal, both Dutchies and thrilled to see more than ‘just’ the main cities around the world where airplanes and cars can take us. We are going to search for the most pristine beaches where the water is blue, the coconut water we drink is fresh. Where we can find small villages where time stood still and they serve us the best espressos (or wine / ice cream / pina coladas…) we’ve ever had! And where the sun sets behind the horizon, instead of behind the buildings.

In 2016 Floris swept me of my feet during a 2-day working trip. And within a few months I moved in with him in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. At the end of 2017 we sold our apartment and bought our dream yacht! A 39 ft Lagoon catamaran. We named her Coffee and Coconuts, after the place where we had our second date. Second date? You would probably think…why not first date? Well, our little sloop in Amsterdam already took that one.

We started our voyage in May 2018, we sailed from Ijmuiden (close to Amsterdam) directly to Porto (Portugal) within 9 days. After that Lisbon, Faro, Gibraltar, Malaga, Tabarca, Alicante, Ibiza, Mallorca, Sardinia, Sicily and now we’re in Greece. In the meanwhile we will continue work for our current employer, a Dutch airline company. Where I work as a flight attendant and Floris works as a pilot (classical combi ;)).

But….this end of summer our Coffee & Coconuts adventure will end 🙁 Booohooo.

Unfortunately our employer can not miss us that time we will need to sail around the world, so we’ll explore the Mediterranean a bit more and head back to shore where we will sell her.

If you are interested in becoming the new owner and continue this amazing journey, let us know! You can find our contact info under the page ‘Contact’.

-xx- Floris and Chantal


On board of the plane, on our way to Portugal. September 2016.