Last episode! Ep. 9.


Change of plans, no sailing trip around the world anymore. Instead, we’ll stay in Greece a little bit longer and we’ll sell our boat this summer. Why? Check our last episode. A recap of the last few months, 1,5 year and our future plans.

We are Floris and Chantal, met nearly 3 years ago in Panama during a work trip. We both work for a major airline company (so yes; pilots & stewardess, the gossips are not only gossips💘). We sold our apparment in the city center of Amsterdam and bought ourselve our dreamyacht to travel the world! And here we are 😎

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Music credits:

Josh Woodward – Don’t close your eyes

Fragosiriani (the Greek song)

Cian Nugent – Grass Above my head

Special credits to Cian Nugent for this song! It’s so ‘feel good’, I can’t stop using it in our vlogs. It became our themesong.

Handmade videos edited by Chantal. Mostly shot with only an Iphone, because you always carry your phone and we just didn’t buy a fancy camera. For the wet scenes we use a GoPro, unless we didn’t see it coming 😉 💦


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